My Choice Soul-Winning Adventist Apps for 2019

Here are the best soul-winning Adventist apps for 2019.

Some are free but some need a little donation.  As a missionary, I wanted to focus on apps for your personal devotion and for sharing your faith with others. 



1.  Ellen White


This is a must app for all Adventists around the globe. A powerful Ellen G. White App!  You can download every single one of her books and compilations while using its powerful fast search engine! We should be so thankful to the EG White Estate for providing this app. It has helped thousands to strengthen their faith and has provided us with comfort. The latest version is the best but heavy. DOWNLOAD NOW






Is the best Adventist evangelism and spiritual revival android app offline. If you are a missionary, church elder, care group leader, youth leader, pastor, layman and active church member in a country with bad internet connection, you must have this app to help you in your teaching, sharing and preaching.
-28 SDA Fundamental Beliefs full book version (offline)
-Topical Bible Study compilation of verses you can readily use (offline)
-Q&A Bible Study Guide- from the book Bible Reading for the Home Circle (offline but to be updated for more topics to include)
-Amazing Facts Lessons 27 Q&A on important Bible study topics (offline)
-Bible A-Z Topics- commonly ask by people around you (offline)
-Different Occasions Verses- birthdays, child dedication, funeral service, house blessings, car blessings, communion service, Christmas, New year, farewell, baby shower party and etc… (offline)
-SDA Church Manual full book version (offline)
-Ellen G. White Quotes (offline)
-Revival & Reformation materials compiled by Sulad Jhun Cardeinte (offline)
-Bridges for Ministry to reach our Buddhist friends (offline)
-Growing In Spirit for church nurturing to help your church grow (offline)
-And more materials to be added soon. Please keep updating your app.


 A little donation is needed to download this app.




Amazing Facts


3. Amazing Facts

Great apps for watching and listening great bible study lessons and sermons. Features include:


•Watch thousands of sermons featuring Pastor Doug Batchelor!


•Watch Sabbath School Study Hour in hi-def.—with closed captioning


•Download pastoral notes for the Sabbath School Study Hour broadcast


•Watch Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, our flagship program televised around the world


•Listen to Bible Answers Live and get answers to the most difficult and controversial Bible questions


•Get access to our daily devotionals for spiritual refreshment every day!


•Read our popular Bible Study Guides and Storacles of Bible Prophecy


•Explore our huge library of Christian topical pocket books


•Check out the latest posts on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook


•Reliable Bible information on prophecy, Christian living and lifestyle, teachings of Jesus, Old Testament, New Testament, church, salvation, creation, life after death, sin, origins of evil, and so much more!