The SULADS SEA has been praying to materialized the plan to build the TRAINING CENTER. We don't have a training center. We immediately see the need as a number missionary volunteers grow each year.  A conducive place for training is needed at this time. The Thailand Adventist Mission (TAM) has already approved a plan for SULADS to have a discipleship training center at Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.  We need your prayers and financial support in this area.

Thousands of people die each day without knowing the Savior Jesus Christ. If becoming a missionary to Thailand is what the Holy Spirit is telling you, APPLY NOW The Sulads work among the unreached in Thailand depends on your sacrificial gift. SUPPORT US



“We have no time to lose. The end is near. Everything will be placed to obstruct our way, so that we shall not be able to do that which is possible to be done. I know from the light given me of God, that the powers of darkness are working with intense energy from beneath. We have warnings now which we may give, a work which we may do, but soon it will be more difficult than we can imagine.” EGW The Southern Review (September 12, 1899)