The SULADS THAILAND has been praying to materialized the plan to build the TRAINING CENTER. We don't have a training center. We immediately see the need as a number missionary volunteers grow each year.  A conducive place for training is needed at this time. The Thailand Adventist Mission (TAM) has already approved a TAM property in Chiangrai Province for the SULADS.  We need your prayers and financial support in this area. See the photos below.

53,339.69 baht ($1,675) raised of 1,000,000 baht ($31,420) goal

Break down cost of the SULADS Thailand Training Center

1. Office/translation- 250,000 baht

2. Training room- 400,000 baht

3. Materials/equipments and donation storage room=250,000 baht

4. Furnishing- tables, chairs, computers= 100,000 baht  

TOTAL= 1,000,000 baht ($31,420)

The SULADS Thailand has been expanding its territory. Presently we have 16 full time missionaries serving in Thailand and Laos. Among the Mien, Hmong hilltribes, Moslem and Buddhists people. Pleasse help us pray that God would send more workers for the harvest.

Name of the Mien Village

1. Ban Nabua Village


Chiangmuan, Phayao


A Mien village with about 150 to 200 families. The missionary volunteers will work hand in hand with the small government school and the village clinic. The missionaries will be housed in the school staff house. We hope we could find a place for our SDA Language Center and Clinic in this village.

No. of Missionaries needed

We need two (2) volunteers for this village.






2. Ban Huai Kangpla

Chiangmuan, Phayao

A Mien village with about 60 to 70 families. The missionary volunteers will work hand in hand with village official to work with kindergarten school and the village small clinic. We hope we could find a place for our SDA Language Center and Clinic in this village.

We need two (2) volunteers for this village.






Thousands of people die each day without knowing the Savior Jesus Christ. If becoming a missionary to Thailand is what the Holy Spirit is telling you, APPLY NOW The Sulads work among the unreached in Thailand depends on your sacrificial gift. SUPPORT US


New Movie Project

God has impressed me in my recent trip to Huai Fai Village to make a movie about the life of a little girl who was sold for 4,500 baht ($150). And was bought by our Mien church member. This girl has no Mien blood but she has become a blessing to her new family and to our church. We plan to title the movie "Ngingv Liouh". Ngingv Liouh is the girl's name with her nickname "Aki"  Ngingv means physically thin".  Because the girl was so pitifully thin when our member bought her. Liouh means to "preserve" or to "save".  So her full name means saving the pitiful poor girl.

How she became a blessing to her new family and to our church will be something you need to see as we make it alive through the movie. And help us pray that God will provide funds for this movie.
This is a low-budget movie. The entire movie's estimated cost is 50,000 baht (about US $1,500). This will cover the filming trip gas and the food allowance for the actors. Please contact me at if you are interested to support this project. Click HERE for more information how to support our movie project.


Why Making Movie?

You might wonder why we are so passionate about movie-making project. Let me tell you that the filming a movie unite the church members. We always have devotional before we start filming. We pray together before and after we film. We invite non-believers as our movie casts to play minor roles. There, we build friendship with them. Then we watch together what we have done after the filming. We all have memories we can never forget. They become part of our family. They get and understand the message.

After that, we will invite them for one week evangelistic meeting.



How About Radio Station?

Well, I was dreaming of a radio station for the Mien outreach ministry before God led me to the movie-making ministry. But as what I have heard and see, some radio ministries were successful and some weren't. The reasons are

1. They lack professional crews

2. Putting up a radio station is very costly.

3. The maintenance is very high since we have to pay the DJ and radio workers.

4. Some countries are very strict and only few can obtain permit to operate.  However, radio ministry has its place in God's work. In fact, many came to the feet of Jesus because of our radio program. But what I like about movie ministry is that

(1.) The cost of production is low. If you are reaching a hilltribe group, like Miens, where most of them have already Mien clothes to use for the shooting, then that would lessen the cost of production.

(2.) The filming production takes only a short period of time and the movie you produce is forever!

(3.) As what I mentioned earlier, every church member will be involved in the production. The church will be strengthened spiritually.

(4.) No need to obtain permit except if we are shooting in a very sensitive places.

(5.) No maintenance and we are not paying monthly bill for electricity and salary for workers.

(6.) And most of all, movie ministry has no limitation of its reach while radio station depends on the antenna to expand its coverage. Though the movie ministry needs funding to buy lots of blank DVDs and CDs and gas for the mission trips, people can re-watch them over and over any time since they have their own hard copy. It can also be easily shared to anyone around them and if the communication research is true that people tend to remember 20 percent of what they hear, 30 percent of what they see, 50 percent of what they hear and see. Then it looks like movie ministry is more effective.  SUPPORT OUR MOVIE PROJECT


“We have no time to lose. The end is near. Everything will be placed to obstruct our way, so that we shall not be able to do that which is possible to be done. I know from the light given me of God, that the powers of darkness are working with intense energy from beneath. We have warnings now which we may give, a work which we may do, but soon it will be more difficult than we can imagine.” EGW The Southern Review (September 12, 1899)