SULADS MISSION STORY: Grandma Thiam Miraculous Healing

Just recently, two precious souls have decided to follow Jesus. One of them is Grandma Thiam, who has a miraculous story. Grandma Thiam spent her life devoted to her ancestors' spirits in a Khmu village in Laos. Like many others, she prayed to their deceased ancestors for provision and guidance. Also, the Khmu hold a belief that failing to satisfy or appease these ancestral spirits can result in illness and misfortune.



Grandma Thiam had been following this tradition for almost her entire life. She was already 70 years old. One day, Sulad Tom's cousin was impressed to invite Grandma Thiam to church with her on a Sabbath. Grandma Thiam felt curious and decided to go. She liked the peaceful feeling in the church and started to come more often.


However, a few months later, something bad happened to her. Grandma Thiam got very sick and almost died. But Sulad Tom, together with the church elders, and some of the church prayed for her, and she suddenly started to feel better. Everyone was surprised! Thiam knew it was a miracle from God.


Thiam decided to follow Jesus. She stopped worshiping her ancestors' spirits and started to believe in Jesus instead. Now she is fully open to listening to God’s Word. Indeed, “..all things work together for good..” Romans 8:28.


Sulad Tom was so happy to see Grandma Thiam's life change because of God's love and miraculous healing she has experienced. He felt encouraged to keep telling others about Jesus, knowing that miracles like Grandma Thiam's could happen to anyone.


Sulad Tom and his family have been serving in a Khmu Village in Laos where many people didn't know about Jesus. Pray that God will continually use them to tell the Khmu people about Jesus' love and plan for our life.


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