Lesson 2- A Day in the Ministry of Jesus

Read for This Week’s Study


Mark 1:16-45; John 1:29-45; Mark 5:41; Luke 6:12; Leviticus 13:1-59.


Memory Text:


Then Jesus said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men’ ” (Mark 1:17).




Sabbath Afternoon:


Important Points:


  1. Jesus Calls Disciples: Jesus called His first disciples, as seen in Mark 1:16-20. This marked the beginning of His ministry and the formation of His core group of followers. (Mark 1:16-20)

  2. First Miracle at Cana: Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding in Cana, turning water into wine, showcasing His divine power. (John 2:1-11)

  3. Inaugural Sermon: Jesus gave His inaugural sermon in Nazareth, emphasizing His mission to preach the good news to the poor and set the oppressed free. (Luke 4:16-21)

  4. Healing of a Leper: Jesus healed a leper, demonstrating His compassion and authority over illness. (Mark 1:40-45)

  5. The Fast-Paced Ministry: The Gospel of Mark often uses the word "immediately," highlighting the swift and active nature of Jesus' ministry. (Mark 1:42)


Discussion Questions:


  1. What was significant about Jesus calling His disciples?

    • Answer: It marked the beginning of His ministry and showed His intention to build a community of followers who would learn from Him and carry on His work. (Mark 1:16-20)

  2. Why was Jesus' miracle at Cana important?

    • Answer: It demonstrated His divine authority and compassion, revealing His glory to His disciples and strengthening their faith. (John 2:1-11)

  3. What message did Jesus convey in His inaugural sermon?

    • Answer: Jesus proclaimed His mission to bring good news to the poor, freedom to the oppressed, and recovery of sight to the blind, emphasizing His role as the Messiah. (Luke 4:18-21)





Sunday: "Follow Me"


Important Points:


  1. Call of Simon and Andrew: Jesus called Simon (Peter) and Andrew to follow Him and become fishers of men. (Mark 1:16-17)

  2. Immediate Response: Both Simon and Andrew immediately left their nets and followed Jesus, demonstrating their faith and commitment. (Mark 1:18)

  3. Call of James and John: Jesus also called James and John, who left their father and their fishing business to follow Him. (Mark 1:19-20)

  4. Jesus’ Authority: The call of these disciples showed Jesus' authority and the compelling nature of His invitation. (Mark 1:20)

  5. Broader Implications: The disciples' willingness to leave everything behind to follow Jesus reflects the broader call to discipleship for all believers. (Luke 5:10-11)


Discussion Questions:


  1. What does the immediate response of the disciples teach us?

    • Answer: It highlights the importance of immediate and wholehearted commitment to Jesus when He calls us. (Mark 1:18)

  2. Why did Jesus call fishermen to be His first disciples?

    • Answer: Fishermen were hardworking, patient, and persistent, qualities that are essential for spreading the gospel and making disciples. (Mark 1:16-17)

  3. How does the call to follow Jesus apply to us today?

    • Answer: It challenges us to prioritize our relationship with Jesus and be willing to leave behind anything that hinders our discipleship. (Luke 5:10-11)





Monday: An Unforgettable Worship Service


Important Points:


  1. Teaching with Authority: Jesus taught in the synagogue with authority, astonishing the people. (Mark 1:21-22)

  2. Exorcism in the Synagogue: Jesus cast out an unclean spirit from a man, demonstrating His power over evil. (Mark 1:23-26)

  3. Public Recognition: The news of Jesus' authority and power spread quickly throughout Galilee. (Mark 1:27-28)

  4. Jesus' Compassion: Jesus’ actions showed His compassion and concern for those oppressed by evil spirits. (Mark 1:25-26)

  5. Messianic Secret: Jesus often instructed those He healed to keep quiet about His identity to avoid premature confrontations with religious authorities. (Mark 1:34)


Discussion Questions:


  1. What was the significance of Jesus teaching with authority?

    • Answer: It set Him apart from other teachers and confirmed His divine mission and authority. (Mark 1:21-22)

  2. Why did Jesus command the unclean spirit to be silent?

    • Answer: To avoid unnecessary attention and premature opposition from religious leaders and to maintain focus on His teaching and healing ministry. (Mark 1:25)

  3. How should we respond to Jesus' authority in our lives?

    • Answer: We should recognize His authority, submit to His teachings, and trust in His power to overcome evil in our lives. (Mark 1:27-28)





Tuesday: More Sabbath Ministry


Important Points:


  1. Healing Peter’s Mother-in-law: Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law, who was suffering from a fever, by taking her hand and helping her up. (Mark 1:29-31)

  2. Sabbath Healings: After sunset, people brought many who were sick or demon-possessed to Jesus, and He healed them all. (Mark 1:32-34)

  3. Public Response: The whole town gathered at the door, indicating the widespread impact of Jesus’ ministry. (Mark 1:33)

  4. Compassion and Service: Peter’s mother-in-law responded to her healing by serving Jesus and His disciples, illustrating a life of gratitude and service. (Mark 1:31)

  5. Continuous Ministry: Despite the demands of ministry, Jesus continued to serve and heal, showing His tireless dedication. (Mark 1:34)


Discussion Questions:


  1. What lesson can we learn from Peter’s mother-in-law’s response to her healing?

    • Answer: Her immediate service to Jesus and His disciples demonstrates the appropriate response of gratitude and service after receiving Jesus' healing. (Mark 1:31)

  2. Why did Jesus wait until after sunset to heal the sick brought to Him?

    • Answer: To respect the Sabbath observance, as people waited until the Sabbath ended at sunset to bring the sick for healing. (Mark 1:32)

  3. How does Jesus’ ministry of healing and exorcism inspire our approach to helping others?

    • Answer: It encourages us to show compassion and to use our resources and abilities to serve and heal those in need, regardless of the demands on our time. (Mark 1:33-34)





Wednesday: The Secret of Jesus’ Ministry


Important Points:


  1. Early Morning Prayer: Jesus rose early in the morning to pray in a solitary place, emphasizing the importance of prayer in His life. (Mark 1:35)

  2. Foundation of Ministry: Jesus’ prayer life was the foundation of His ministry, providing strength and guidance. (Mark 1:35)

  3. Purpose and Mission: Jesus focused on His mission to preach in other towns, showing a broader vision for His ministry. (Mark 1:38)

  4. Balance of Prayer and Action: Jesus balanced His active ministry with solitary prayer, highlighting the need for both in a believer’s life. (Mark 1:35-39)

  5. Dependence on God: Jesus’ dependence on prayer demonstrated His reliance on the Father, setting an example for His followers. (Mark 1:35)


Discussion Questions:


  1. Why did Jesus prioritize prayer early in the morning?

    • Answer: Early morning prayer allowed Jesus to connect with the Father, seek guidance, and gain strength for His ministry. (Mark 1:35)

  2. What can we learn from Jesus’ balance of prayer and action?

    • Answer: We should ensure that our active ministry and daily responsibilities are grounded in a strong prayer life, seeking God's guidance and strength. (Mark 1:35-39)

  3. How can we incorporate Jesus’ example of early morning prayer into our lives?

    • Answer: By setting aside time each morning for prayer and reflection, we can start our day with a focus on God and His will for our lives. (Mark 1:35)





Thursday: Can You Keep a Secret?


Important Points:


  1. Healing of the Leper: Jesus healed a leper, showing His compassion and willingness to touch the untouchable. (Mark 1:40-42)

  2. Instruction to Be Silent: Jesus instructed the healed leper to tell no one but to show himself to the priest and offer the required sacrifices. (Mark 1:44)

  3. Messianic Secret: Jesus often asked those He healed to keep quiet about it, likely to manage the timing and nature of His public revelation. (Mark 1:44)

  4. Disobedience and Consequences: The healed leper disobeyed Jesus’ instruction and spread the news, making it difficult for Jesus to enter towns openly. (Mark 1:45)

  5. Compassion Over Ritual Purity: Jesus’ willingness to touch the leper emphasized compassion and healing over ritual purity laws. (Mark 1:41)


Discussion Questions:


  1. Why did Jesus emphasize fulfilling the Mosaic Law after healing the leper?

    • Answer: Jesus emphasized fulfilling the Mosaic Law to show respect for the religious customs of His time and to ensure the healed leper could be officially declared clean and reintegrated into the community. (Mark 1:44)

  2. What can we learn from the healed leper's disobedience and its consequences?

    • Answer: The leper’s disobedience, despite good intentions, led to increased difficulties for Jesus' ministry. It teaches the importance of obeying Jesus’ instructions and considering the broader impact of our actions. (Mark 1:45)

  3. How can we balance sharing our testimonies with respecting Jesus’ guidance?

    • Answer: We should seek to share our testimonies in a way that honors Jesus' guidance and timing, being mindful of the context and the potential impact on our witness and His mission. (Mark 1:44-45)




Friday: Further Thought


Important Points:


  1. Reflect on Jesus' Ministry: Reflect on the various aspects of Jesus' ministry, including His teaching, healing, and exorcisms, and how they reveal His character and mission.

  2. Prayer and Solitude: Emphasize the importance of prayer and solitude in sustaining and guiding our ministry and personal spiritual growth.

  3. Discipleship and Commitment: Consider the call to discipleship and the commitment required to follow Jesus, leaving behind old ways of life and embracing a new purpose.

  4. Compassion and Service: Reflect on the examples of compassion and service demonstrated by Jesus and His followers, and how we can emulate them in our lives.


Discussion Questions:


  1. What aspects of Jesus' ministry stand out to you the most, and why?

    • Answer: Answers may vary; reflect on how Jesus’ teaching, healing, and compassionate acts impact your understanding of His character and mission.

  2. How can you incorporate the practice of prayer and solitude into your daily life?

    • Answer: Set aside specific times each day for prayer and reflection, find a quiet place for solitude, and prioritize this practice to seek God’s guidance and strength.

  3. What steps can you take to deepen your commitment to following Jesus?

    • Answer: Identify areas of life that need change, seek accountability from fellow believers, engage in regular Bible study and prayer, and actively participate in ministry and service opportunities.

  4. How can you show compassion and serve others in your community?

    • Answer: Look for needs in your community, volunteer with local organizations, offer support to those in need, and be intentional in showing kindness and empathy in everyday interactions.


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