Seeking God Wholeheartedly

 “Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope. Even today I declare. That I will restore double to you.” Zechariah 9:12

 Zechariah 9:12 says to turn to God, who is like a strong fortress, even if you feel trapped in hopelessness. This means that God promises to give us double blessings.

 We need to teach ourselves to believe and hold on to the amazing promises Jesus gives us. Jesus understands that we can't resist temptations by ourselves. We need God's power. He has made sure that whenever we face difficulties, we can run to Him for safety. His promises are trustworthy, and we should have faith that He will fulfill them. Ellen White says,

“We need to educate the soul to lay hold, and hold fast the rich promises of Christ. The Lord Jesus knows that it is not possible for us to resist the many temptations of Satan, only as we shall have divine power given us from God. He well knows that in our own human strength we should surely fail. Therefore every provision has been made, that in every emergency and trial we shall flee to the Stronghold.... We have the word of promise from lips that will not lie.... We must individually cherish the faith that we receive of Him the things He hath promised.” Manuscript 39, 1893.

God can be everything if we allow Him to be in our lives. If we pray weakly and without passion, we won't receive much from God. We need to pray earnestly, believing that God will answer. Seek God with all your heart, just as people put all their effort into achieving success in worldly things. Be determined to seek the blessings God has promised, and you will receive His light, truth, and grace.

 “God will be to us everything we will let Him be. Our languid, half-hearted prayers will not bring us returns from heaven. Oh, we need to press our petitions! Ask in faith, wait in faith, receive in faith, rejoice in hope, for everyone that seeketh findeth. Be in earnest in the matter. Seek God with all the heart. People put soul and earnestness into everything they undertake in temporal things, until their efforts are crowned with success. With intense earnestness learn the trade of seeking the rich blessings that God has promised, and with persevering, determined effort you shall have His light and His truth and His rich grace.”  Manuscript 39, 1893.

 Be sincere and eager in your pursuit of God. Wrestle with your doubts and fears until you find victory. Surrender yourself completely to God, in body, mind, and spirit, and commit to being His instrument, guided by His will and filled with His Spirit.

When you talk to Jesus, be sincere about your needs. You don't need to give long speeches or arguments. Just express your sorrow for your sins and ask for His help. There is hope for those who seek Him genuinely. They will find Him, and when Jesus lifts the burden of sin from their souls, they will experience His peaceful presence.
Remember, seek God wholeheartedly, trust in His promises, pray earnestly, and surrender yourself to His will. He will guide you and give you peace.

Reflection Questions:
1.    How do you typically approach prayer and seeking God in your life? Are there areas where you can deepen your sincerity and earnestness?

2. Reflect on a time when you felt overwhelmed by temptation or difficulty. Did you turn to God as your stronghold, or did you try to handle it on your own? What was the result?


Sulad Jhun Cardeinte writes from Adventist International Institute of Advance Studies (AIIAS) Silang, Cavite, Philippines. His email address is

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    Mathew Simiyu (Saturday, 04 May 2024 19:49)

    He has indeed promised, that we will find Him, when we seek Him with all our hearts.

    It is a decided untiring effort.

  • #2

    Rodney Poli (Saturday, 04 May 2024 20:00)

    Thank you for the Daily Devotion, it really blessed my day.

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    Nyuot chuong Nyuot (Saturday, 04 May 2024 20:33)


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    Jennie wilson(vanuatu) (Saturday, 04 May 2024 20:50)

    Thanks for the inspiring message so blest�

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    Ishmael Ofei Dodou (Saturday, 04 May 2024 20:51)

    Amen and Amen. Thank you very much.

  • #6

    FOSTER APREKU (Saturday, 04 May 2024 22:12)

    He has promise and he will never fail. God bless you for such a heart touching devotion

  • #7

    Amanda (Saturday, 04 May 2024 23:08)

    Thank you Pastor, I must admit, that I know immediately when I am wrong and then I plead with God earnestly and I repent and then I am sad coz I have hurt my Creator.

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    Erick (Saturday, 04 May 2024 23:18)

    Thanks for this incredible message, it makes me feel blessed!

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    Praise Hapazari (Sunday, 05 May 2024 00:19)

    Truly l have been uplifted by this morning devotion

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    Ednah Ombweke (Sunday, 05 May 2024 00:36)

    Thank you for inspiration message

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    Cyrill Otieno (Sunday, 05 May 2024 03:02)

    Amen. Be blessed!

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    Elvis Maroko (Sunday, 05 May 2024 03:04)

    Fully depending on our God

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    Bintiye Saragwe (Wednesday, 08 May 2024 09:32)

    I must seek him WHOLEHEARTEDLY ❣️