The Power of Choosing God

How important it is to truly follow God because it is not enough to just believe or say you'll do something good. The real strength in making a firm decision to choose God's path is in our “will.” Ellen White has something very important to tell you about the “will,” She says,


“Pure religion has to do with the will. The will is the governing power in the nature of man, bringing all the other faculties under its sway. The will is not the taste or the inclination, but it is the deciding power which works in the children of men unto obedience to God or unto disobedience....” OHC 103


The will is the boss inside you. It tells your emotions, desires, feelings and habits what to do. If you want to change your life, you need to be the boss of your will, not the other way around. Ellen White is clear, "It is through the will that sin retains its hold upon us." -With God at Dawn, p. 251.


"Through yielding to sin, man placed his will under the control of Satan. He became a helpless captive in the tempter's power.....When man places himself under the control of God, the will becomes firm and strong to do right, the heart is cleansed from selfishness, and filled with Christlike love. The mind yields to the authority of the law of love, and every thought is brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ."Manuscript 21, 1900.


But the problem is our “will” is weak because we are sinful and it is infected with sin. What I mean to say is that our “human will” automatically follow Satan! Take note of what Ellen White says, "If we were left to follow our own inclinations, to go just where our will would lead us, we should fall into Satan's ranks and become possessors of his attributes.” DA, 329.


So in order to be the boss of our “will,” the only way is to ask the Holy Spirit to empower our weak human will. God wants His children to be victorious. Without His help, He knows you'll make mistakes. Maybe you've tried to be good before, but you keep falling back into old ways. That's okay! It happens to everyone who is not fully surrendered to God. The important thing, you are still listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and not give up. And when you totally surrender your “will” to Jesus and ask Him to empower your “will,” with the Holy Spirit’s power, you can choose to follow God  with all your mind and heart. That’s the amazing things that would happen.



Remember, when you say, “I choose you Lord to be my master every moment,” He will surely gives you the strength to overcome anything. It's like having a powerful teammate on your side. The Holy Spirit is the power we need for Jesus to dwell in us. Christianity is a battle ground. Your mind is the battleground. “It is Satan's work to dethrone God from the heart, and to mold human nature into his own image of deformity. He stirs up all evil propensities, awakening unholy passions and ambitions.” MYP 54.3


It is only through power of the Holy Spirit that we can control our choices. By choosing God through the Holy Spirit, you're saying "Yes, I want to follow you!"  And He'll be there to guide you and give you the power to change your life that pleases God.


So, are you ready to make that choice? God is waiting for you with open arms, ready to be your partner on this Christian journey.


Sulad Jhun Cardeinte writes from AIIAS Cavite, Philippines. His email address is

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    Timothy (Sunday, 07 April 2024 17:06)

    I want tools updates

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    Amanda (Sunday, 07 April 2024 17:14)

    I have surrended to God and want to align my will to His

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    Elizabeth kokua (Sunday, 07 April 2024 18:10)

    Following christ footsteps

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    Francis (Sunday, 07 April 2024 18:29)

    Praise the Lord for his wondrous sacrifice to make us victorous! Praying for empowerment through the holy spirit..God bless!

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    Kentz veke (Sunday, 07 April 2024 18:34)

    I want updated my Avent toolbox

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    Michael Muthomi (Sunday, 07 April 2024 18:40)

    It's my prayer that God give me His Holy Spirit so that He can help me to make the right choices �

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    Dona (Sunday, 07 April 2024 19:06)

    Thank you. Amen �

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    Gina Ruth (Sunday, 07 April 2024 19:48)

    I need you GOD, to give me your holy that l can do the right choices everyday in my life,in this dark world...

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    Otieno (Sunday, 07 April 2024 20:24)

    It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will always guide and help me make right choices.... �

  • #10

    Anyanda Patrick (Sunday, 07 April 2024 20:43)

    Lord, I choose and have accepted to follow you so guide me with the holy spirit to do your will all the time.amen.

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    Sarah Catoto (Sunday, 07 April 2024 21:22)

    Thank you❤️Amen
    May you include me in your prayer ☺️

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    Mathew Simiyu (Sunday, 07 April 2024 21:46)

    A strong winner in the Christian life, is a surrendered winner. Letting go and Letting God take charge

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    Ruth Bos (Sunday, 07 April 2024 21:53)

    May God's will be done in my life by the help of the Holy spirit!

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    Dalali David (Sunday, 07 April 2024 22:33)

    Following Jesus in fully surrender is a challenge to the church today. We have to pray more for each other because instead of gaining strength the church is losing strength.

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    ZYL (Sunday, 07 April 2024 22:34)

    I understoood why���

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    Nganai stephen (Sunday, 07 April 2024 22:49)

    Amen..may God help me to do will..

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    Enock (Sunday, 07 April 2024 23:41)

    God bless you for this message to His people

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    Hendrix (Sunday, 07 April 2024 23:58)

    Lord let you will be done upon my life �on my own i will perish

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    Annie (Sunday, 07 April 2024 23:59)

    Lord, i choose to follow you as my life parterner by the help of the Holy spirit

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    Mercy (Monday, 08 April 2024 00:35)

    Powerful mesage

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    Grace (Monday, 08 April 2024 00:53)


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    Taidor Kuapel Joack (Monday, 08 April 2024 01:30)

    It's my day to day longing and prayer that Holy spirit will lead me. Help and empower me lord to follow your will.

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    Raquel Jariolne (Monday, 08 April 2024 16:17)

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful messages GOD bless you more �❤️�