Learn Thai for Missionaries and Pastors Online

If you are preparing to come to Thailand for  the gospel ministry, then you need the Thai language. So we are opening an almost free course for you! To help you learn Thai very quickly with a very low cost. We are starting to put the audio version together with the phrases so you could easily follow the lessons.

The Thai lessons includes Thai vowels and consonants, conversational Thai for every day use, Biblical Thai for worship leaders, Biblical Thai for giving personal testimony, Thai Biblical vocabulary, 15 easy prayers and 15 advanced prayers in different occasions and etc

 What makes each lesson easy to learn is the transliteration in each phrase and vocabulary words. So with our Thai lessons,  you are able to learn Thai outside Thailand! or if you are already here in Thailand, the lessons we have could help back up your language acquisition plan. We will also offer support if you have any questions.Here are the initial lessons currently available. Note more lessons will be coming...


 Thai Vowels and Consonants (FREE course)

 Thai Phrases for Worship Leaders

 Thai Phrases for Giving Personal Testimony

 Easy Thai Prayers 1-5

 Easy Thai Prayers 6-10

 Easy Thai Prayers 11-15

 Advanced Thai Prayers 1-5

 Advanced Thai Prayers 6-10

 Advanced Thai Prayers 11-15

 Common Christian Vocabulary A-Z



200 baht (about US $5.95 ) for 1 month


900 baht (about $26.79) for 6 months

1,800 baht (about $53.58) for 1 year

Our MISSION is to help YOU!


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 contact us @ mienfield@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook @ Sulad Jhun Cardeinte

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