Miss Urai is currently working in South Thailand


Uri Family

are currently learning Thai language. They will be working in a restricted area in Thailand.


Sulad Job & Jell Cabanero

are currently working among the Hmong people in Ban Thung Na Noi Village, Chiang Khong District, Chiangrai province, Thailand

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Sulad Bethel Jane & Brayan Taglos

are currently working among the Mien people in Huai Fai Village, Maekaning District, Nan Province, Thailand

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Christina Bacolod

is currently working among the Buddhist people in Petchabun Province, Thailand

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"The greatest work to which human beings can aspire is the work of winning men from sin to holiness." MH

"We have no time to lose. We know not how soon our probation may close." MH

Sulads Thailand Career Missionary Program is for those young people who are felt called by God to witness to an unreached people groups. This is open for any nationalities who felt called to move to Thailand, Laos, Burma or Cambodia to start a missionary journey. The first stage in the mission field is to learn the local language, win the village by meeting their needs, especially in the areas of education and health and share Jesus’ love. Then patiently train the local to become mature disciples to continue the work the missionaries have started or even to start in a pioneering field. This is a long-term call. The minimum service required is 3 years.
Thousands of people die each day without knowing the Savior Jesus Christ. If becoming a missionary to Thailand is what the Holy Spirit is telling you,

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You may also send your application letter and resume to;

ST President -

ST field supervisor -

We are currently praying to open two mission projects in Phayao Province.  This means we will be needing 4 missionaries. Click here for more information about the projects. 

The Sulads Thailand is currently focusing on the church planting project among the Mien People in Huai Fai Village, Nan Province Thailand. The SULADS THAILAND has so much respect and high regard to the dedication and sacrificial work of Mr. Brian Wilson (AFM missionary) among the Mien people. What we have been doing is just a continuation of Mr. Brian's burning desire and commitment for the Miens. We have two full-time missionaries there- Sulad Ana Abendan (left) and Sulad Elma Gay Dela Fuente (right). They are from the Philippines. Thank you so much Mission Project Incorporated particularly to Mama Ruth & Papa Eddie Mackenzie for your financial commitment for our two Sulads missionaries. The construction of our SDA Language and Health Center there is mainly sponsored by Acts of Kindness Ministries. Thank you also RAIS church and Regal Heirs for your financial contribution to complete the construction. Without you helping hand in hand, the project wouldn't be materialized.

Our Prayer Needs
1. Pray for Sulad Ana and Elma as they are learning the language.
2. Pray that God will send more dedicated Bible workers for the Mien people and for other minority tribes in Thailand as well.
3. Pray that God will supply our needs in time as we are praying to expand our territory among the hill tribes in Thailand.
We are currently praying to open two mission projects in Phayao Province.  Click here for more information about the projects that need your help. Each missionary cost 5,000 baht a month