SULADS Feed-the-Hungry Program

 Inspired by a friend in Canada, who loves people who are trapped in a cycle of hunger, we felt we need to launch this very important ministry in Southeast Asia. We just felt we need more friends like him to help us provide nourishment to these needy families.


Providing nutritious meals is one way we connect with individuals by meeting a physical need. This presents the opportunity to share Christ with hurting people who need to hear of His love and plan of salvation! Aside from the Karen in Burma, here are the list of villages we distributed relief;

1. Sanpamuang Village, Phayao Province

2. Charoensap Village, Phayao Province

3. Pangmung Village, Chiangrai Province

4. Sidongyei Village, Chiangmai Province

5. Ban Nong Ngoen Hoi Village, Ubon Ratchatani Province

6. Pangkhon Village, Chiangrai Province

7. Thungchai Village, Tak Province

8. Ban Kao Village, Kanchaburi Province

9. Tako Lang Village, Ratchaburi Province

10. Karen People in Myanmar

11. Thongnamy Village, Laos
12. Na Ang village, Laos
13. Houay kharn Village, Laos

14. Bat Luang Village, Paksong, Laos
15. Lawang Village, Laos
16. Jiangchai Village, Laos
17. Ban Ranya Village, Thailand
18. Ban Don Kaew Village, Thailand