Jesus4Hmong: Bringing the Gospel to the Hmong People Everywhere

In Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and China, many Hmong people are searching for answers about Jesus. However, reaching them can be difficult due to their remote locations and diverse languages. That's where Jesus4Hmong comes in. This app equips missionaries with the tools they need to share the message of Jesus, even in areas with no internet. With content available in the Hmong language, Jesus4Hmong ensures that everyone can understand and embrace the teachings of Jesus.


Breaking Down Barriers:

Jesus4Hmong is unique because it works offline. Missionaries can use it in remote villages or deep within the jungle where internet access is limited. No matter where the Hmong people are, they can still hear about Jesus and experience his love.


No More Language Problems:

The Hmong people speak their own language, which can be a barrier to understanding the Gospel. However, Jesus4Hmong speaks their language too. It contains Bible verses, stories, and lessons in the Hmong language, making it easier for everyone to learn about Jesus.

Helping Missionaries:

Missionaries face challenges in their work, but Jesus4Hmong provides them with everything they need. From sharing the good news to teaching about Jesus and leading prayers and worship, this app supports missionaries in their efforts to spread the Gospel among the Hmong people.

Join Us:

Let's join hands in spreading the good news to the Hmong people. Whether you're a missionary, a pastor, or a believer, Jesus4Hmong is here to help. Download it now from the Google Play Store and be part of this amazing journey.

Jesus4Hmong is an invaluable tool for sharing Jesus with the Hmong people across different countries. It works offline, speaks their language, and empowers missionaries to fulfill their calling with greater impact. Let's utilize this app to bring hope and love to every corner where the Hmong people reside.

But what if I don't have android phone? Well two things you can do;

1. Buy one- android phone is cheap. If you can invest in worldly things why not for God?

2. You can install this app in your windows laptop or desktop through the software called bluestacks 5.




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