Jesus4Mien: Sharing Jesus with the Mien People Everywhere

In Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and China, many Mien people want to know about Jesus. But it's hard to reach them because of where they live and the languages they speak. Jesus4Mien is here to help. It's an app that gives missionaries tools to talk about Jesus, even in places with no internet. It's also made in the Mien language, so everyone can understand. And it's a FREE app.


Breaking Down Barriers:

Jesus4Mien is special because it works offline. This means missionaries can use it in places where there's no internet. They can go deep into the jungle or far into the villages. No matter where people are, they can hear about Jesus.


No More Language Problems:

The Mien people speak their own language. ButJesus4Mien speaks their language too. It has Mien Bible, Bible stories, and lessons all in the Mien language. This way, everyone can understand and learn about Jesus.


Helping Missionaries:

Missionaries need tools that work everywhere. Jesus4Mien has everything they need. It helps them share the good news, teach people about Jesus, and lead prayers and worship. With this app, missionaries can do their job better.


Join Us:

Let's work together to spread the good news to the Mien people. Whether you're a missionary, a pastor, or a believer, jesus4Mien is here to help. Download it now from the Google Play Store and be part of something amazing.

Jesus4Mien is a great tool to share Jesus with the Mien people in different countries. It works offline, speaks their language, and helps missionaries do their job better.

Let's use this app to bring hope and love to every corner where the Mien people live.

But what if I don't have android phone? Well two things you can do;

1. Buy one- android phone is cheap. If you can invest in worldly things why not for God?

2. You can install this app in your windows laptop or desktop through the software called bluestacks 5.


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