NON-O Visa for Spouse Whose Wife or Husband is a Teacher in Thailand

If your spouse is employed as a teacher in Thailand, and you intend to be dependent on his/her visa, these are the requirements to fulfill:

  1. Certification from the School: Obtain a document from your spouse's school confirming that they allow you to be dependent on your spouse's visa (to be addressed to the embassy/immigration). Sample here below.

2. Contract of Employment: Provide a copy of your spouse's employment contract from their school. (English and Thai version).

3. Work Permit: Include a copy of your spouse's valid work permit issued by the Thai authorities. Photocopy all pages that have stamps.

4. Passport Copy of your working spouse: Submit copies of  of your spouse's passport showing personal details and the visa. (No need of sample)

5. Director's ID: If available, include a copy of the school director's ID or equivalent. Sample below

  1. Residence Certificate: Provide either a certificate from the school confirming your residence on the premises or a residence certificate from your rented apartment. Let me walk you through it.

What Exactly is a Residence Certificate?
A Residence Certificate stands as an official document issued by an immigration office, verifying your declared residence address.
In Thailand, a Residence Certificate finds application in various scenarios, including but not limited to:

   - Securing a work permit
    -Purchasing a car or motorcycle
   - Initiating a Thai bank account
   - Acquiring a driver's license
   - Extending a visa
    -Handling other legal affairs

Documents Needed
To initiate the Residence Certificate application, you'll need the following documents:
    -Your passport (serving as ID proof)
    -A photocopy of your passport's photo page
    -A duplicate of the latest entry stamp from your passport
    -Copy of your visa (if applicable)
    -A copy of your TM6 Departure Card
    -A photocopy of a TM.30 form, duly signed by your landlord
    -Duplicate of your lease agreement or house book, displaying your name and address
    -Two passport-size photos: 4cm x 6cm

NOTE: Please be aware that certain immigration offices might request additional documents, while others might require fewer. Regional variations in requirements exist, and occasionally, you might encounter an overly thorough immigration officer. It's advisable to have all the aforementioned documents on hand, just in case.

When signing copies of the aforementioned documents, ensure you use blue ink for official validation. Sign across the image and not on any blank section of the page. This precaution prevents signature removal, a requisite practice in Thailand.

Should you lack a copy of your lease agreement or house book, you can approach the head of your department in school, if your school provide you the accommodation or your landlord if you stay in an apartment. While the lease should contain your name and address, if your name doesn't appear on the house book, you'll also need a signed copy of your landlord's ID card. Once your application is approved, you will receive this small receipt. Sample below;

7. Your Passport: Include a copy of your passport showing personal details and any relevant visas.


8. Marriage Contract: Submit a copy of your marriage contract or certificate. Note that it should be apostilled.


Why is a marriage contract apostille important?


The apostille for a marriage contract is crucial for several reasons:
  - International Recognition: An apostille ensures that your marriage contract is recognized and accepted as valid in countries that are party to the Hague Apostille Convention. Without an apostille, your marriage contract may not be acknowledged abroad, which can pose challenges for various legal matters, such as immigration, residency, property ownership, and more.

    Legal Verification: The apostille serves as a form of legal verification, confirming the authenticity of the marriage contract. It provides assurance to foreign authorities and institutions that the document is genuine and issued by the appropriate governmental authority.

    - Simplified Procedures: With an apostille attached to your marriage contract, you can often bypass the need for further authentication or legalization procedures in the country where you intend to use the document. This streamlines processes and saves time and effort, especially when dealing with cross-border legal matters.

    -Consistency and Standardization: The apostille system establishes a standardized method for verifying the authenticity of public documents, including marriage contracts. This consistency helps facilitate international communication and cooperation by ensuring that documents from different countries adhere to recognized authentication standards.

   -Prevention of Fraud: By requiring an apostille for marriage contracts used in international contexts, authorities help prevent fraud and misuse of documents. The apostille process involves rigorous verification procedures, reducing the likelihood of counterfeit or fraudulent documents being accepted as genuine. Sample below;


9. Marriage Affidavit: Obtain an affidavit from your embassy affirming the validity of your marriage. Note this is needed when you apply for an extension of your visa. To request for one, it is by appointment only. No walk in allowed.  You may request for an appoint at Philippine Embassy Bangkok, Thailand here.


  1. Bank Financial Statement: Please include a bank statement or proof of financial means from your spouse to demonstrate the ability to support you financially. From what I've heard, the monthly income should be no less than 20,000 baht. However, ensure that you request this from the bank or through online banking. Most online banking platforms in Thailand have a feature to request financial statements, so there's no need to physically visit the bank.

  2. Letter of Appeal: Your spouse should write a letter addressed to the embassy, expressing the intention to sponsor your Non-O visa and appealing for its issuance. This letter can be handwritten or type written.

Adhering to these requirements ensures that your application for a Non-Immigrant O visa as a dependent of a teacher in Thailand is complete and compliant with regulations.


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