The Easiest Sin We Commit

The short article I recently wrote, titled "What Does 'To Die To Self' Mean?" received a lot of responses. One of the responses that caught my interest was a claim that Jesus lost His patience and became angry. He said;


“What a beautiful testimony of how our Lord Jesus died to self. However, I must say that Jesus did become angry. Jesus had a righteous indignation at the beginning of His ministry when he went through the temple with a whip and and again at the end of His ministry when He turned over the tables of the moneychangers. He also is angry when he sees the oppression of people, and yes He wants us to be angry too when we see humankind being oppressed. Just as Jesus was angry and took a stand against oppression we must do so also. Whether we must take a stand against racism, injustice, poverty, taking advantage of the poor and needy, mistreatment of the elderly and vulnerable, unfairness in judgement, unfairness in wages and everything else I did not mention. At times God does call for us not to keep silent. Please read Isaiah chapter 58. God Bless.” R M (USA) (Tuesday, 12 March 2024 19:02)



I must wholeheartedly agree that Jesus did get angry. However, His anger is called "righteous indignation" or "righteous anger," but not "selfish anger." It’s perfectly fine for us to have “righteous anger.” But oftentimes, our anger is selfish because it comes from a selfish heart without Christ.


It is important to note that Jesus, when He took our fallen human nature, has a tendency to be tempted to yield to selfish anger. But because He was constantly connected to His Father, He overcame daily and He did not have an "anger issue. The Desire of Ages says, “Jesus did not contend for His rights. Often His work was made unnecessarily severe because He was willing and uncomplaining. Yet He did not fail nor become discouraged. He lived above these difficulties, as if in the light of God's countenance. He did not retaliate when roughly used, but bore insult patiently.” DA 89


Now, let us deal with this question, “What is the easiest sin we commit?” I must admit that the easiest sin we commit almost every day is “impatient.” Anger and impatience often go hand in hand. The harshness of our words and actions when we are impatient is far from the heavenly origin. Being impatient makes us and the people around us feel bad. When we get frustrated, especially with the people we care about, it's important to pause and think. Ask the Holy Spirit's to help us how to deal the the situation and to calm us. Always ask the Holy Spirit. Don't listen to your human feeling.


Ellen G. White admonished, “We cannot be fretful and impatient, and still be Christians; for a fretful, impatient spirit is not the Spirit of Christ.” RH, August 14, 1888. These words resonate with striking relevance today. In our impatience, we not only hinder our own spiritual growth but also set a stumbling block for those around us.




But why does impatience have such a detrimental effect on our Christian character? Simply put, impatience is not the spirit of Christ and is a barrier to the fruit-bearing (fruits of the Holy Spirit) life that Christ calls us to live. Ellen White emphasizes,  “In order for man to be justified by faith, faith must reach a point where it will control the affections and impulses of the heart.” FW 100  Patience is not merely about waiting for things to happen but about allowing our faith to govern our responses and actions.


The Christian life is about bearing fruit, about replicating Christ's character in ourselves and others. This fruit, as outlined in Galatians 5:22-23, includes love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control. These heavenly virtues stand in stark contrast to the impatience and anger that so often dominate our interactions.


Living in alignment with Christ means that all the fruits of the Spirit will be evident in our lives. As expressed in the book Desire of Ages, “When we live by faith on the Son of God, the fruits of the Spirit will be seen in our lives; not one will be missing.” DA 676 Our patience, or lack thereof, becomes a litmus test for our faith.


So, let us take a moment to examine ourselves. Are we truly living in accordance with the Spirit of Christ? Do we exhibit patience and kindness even in moments of frustration? As urged in 2 Corinthians 13:5, let us test ourselves to see if Jesus Christ truly dwells within us.


In a world that urges us to rush and hurry, let us ask the Holy Spirit to control us so that we may choose to be patient under trying circumstances. For it is in patience that we find true peace, and it is in the patient cultivation of Christ-like character that we bear the fruit of the Spirit.


Sulad Jhun Cardeinte writes from Thailand. His email address .

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    Jevielyn Paypa (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 18:45)

    Thank you for reminding us to be patient all the time just like Jesus� may I request? Please include me to your prayers � because this coming Sunday March 17,2024 I will take the LET EXAMINATION FOR TEACHER � Thank you

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    Leonard (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 18:45)

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    Liezel Joy (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 19:15)

    Wow, thank you for sharing, it really opened my mind since sometimes I am impatient and i also have anger issue.. Thank you Lord for ur wonderful message ❤️��

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    Grace (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 19:24)

    A reminder for us that let us not be quick in everything (anger, judging etc.) but wisely take time every step we take.

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    Tarun Tripura (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 19:38)

    Thank you for this message. This message helped me to overcome impatient and angryness.

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    O how I've realized how important the fruits of the Holy Spirit are.(Romans.5:3-4)

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    Thank You Lord for talking to me, I pray that sanity returns in my home thru Jesus Christ

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    Chama joseph (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 20:27)

    The massage really helped me very much have learnt how to contented my angerness through being patient.

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    Amanda (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 20:45)

    Tchank you for this message, we are tempted everyday on this and yes lets pray for each other to live a Christlike life and practise self control - think before we act.

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    HAGGAI SERAIAH (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 21:28)

    I was blind and now I see what it means to being aligned with Christ

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    Thanks for the reminder but also pray for me coz I want to study at Bugema University in theology bt I don't have tuition and yet the in-service program is right hear in May God bless you

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    Abiud Machuki, Kenya (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 23:43)

    Thank you for sharing this message. Indeed we need the Holy Spirit to cultivate patience.

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    Seletuu, Tanzania (Thursday, 14 March 2024 00:15)

    Be blessed for thy service of drawing us near the throne of God time and again.

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    Amen, thank you so much pastor for this wonderful reminder.
    However my dearest beloved, I need your prayers please, I'm not spiritually well at all.

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    SIMAYEYA THULANI (Thursday, 14 March 2024 01:41)

    God bless all those heard the word(spiritual message) let's keep moulding each other drawing near to our ONE AND ONLY HEAVENLY FATHER, i thank ue AMEN

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    Talent Matanga (Thursday, 14 March 2024 04:03)

    Thank you. This is the whole duty of every man. Only those who will found with Christlike character will be taken to heaven when He returns to separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.

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