Finding Joy in Following God's Plan

“For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” John 6:38

This passage reminds us that Jesus found deep satisfaction in doing what God wanted him to do. It wasn't about his own desires, but about fulfilling God's purpose. I see three important points in John 6:38 that we can reflect today;

1. Just like Jesus, we too have a choice. We can focus on our own wants, or we can strive to align our will with God's. The good news is that God desires good things for us! When we follow his lead, we experience a kind of joy and fulfillment that comes from being part of something bigger than ourselves.

2. The passage talks about overcoming our weaknesses and selfish desires. It can be tough to say no to ourselves sometimes, but the Bible tells us that God equips us with the Holy Spirit to resist temptation. Just like Jesus, we can choose to obey God even when it's difficult. But the question is why? Please take note of these statement from the Spirit of Prophecy;

“No one will enter the kingdom of God unless his passions are subdued, unless his will is brought into captivity to the will of Christ.” Review and Herald, April 28, 1891.

“No impatient man or woman will ever enter into the courts of heaven. We must not allow the natural feelings to control our judgment. ... Many who profess the truth, do not seem to realize that it is an essential part of religion to become meek and lowly, tenderhearted and forbearing.” Review and Herald, Feb. 21, 1888.

“Many who profess not the love of God do control their spirit to a considerable extent without the aid of the special grace of God. They cultivate self-control. This is a rebuke to those who know that from God they may obtain strength and grace, and yet do not exhibit the graces of the Spirit.” 3T336.

3. The bottom line is following God brings blessings. He provides everything we need to live a joyful and meaningful life according to his plan.

Here are some questions to ponder:

Reflect on your day: Can you think of a situation where you struggled between your own desires and what you believe God might want? How did you handle it?

Seeking God's will: How can you be more aware of God's will for your life? What resources can you use (prayer, scripture reading, trusted mentors)?


Surrendering your will: What practical steps can you take to surrender your will to God's will? Is there something specific you need to let go of?

Support system: Who can support you in this journey of following God? Can you think of someone you can talk to about your struggles and victories?

By seeking God with all our hearts, we can experience the abundant help and joy that comes from being in unison with him.


Sulad Jhun Cardeinte writes from AIIAS Cavite, Philippines. His email address is

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    Claves (Wednesday, 10 April 2024 17:51)

    Amen, praise the Lord and glory to God for a wonderful insights. Thank you so much Pastor Jhun for your dedication to share the word's of God. God bless you and your family.�

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    ZYL (Wednesday, 10 April 2024 20:14)


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    Cameron Koi (Wednesday, 10 April 2024 20:40)

    Praise God for another encouragement message.
    God should be first.
    My desire should be last.

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    Nyuot chuong Nyuot (Wednesday, 10 April 2024 20:45)


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    Mathew Simiyu (Wednesday, 10 April 2024 21:25)

    Amen. Our hearts and will being surrendered to God brings hope and assurance of victory