You can send me information you want to add


One size of your choice


You can request for specific fonts


Basically banners are in English (Romanized character) and Thai.

Hire me for your digital designing work..... If you’re extremely busy and in need of help, hire me…..I will do it for you for a very reasonable price. 100% of the income will go to Sulads Thailand outreach project.

I can make a nice design for $4 only


Book cover- $4 only


Seminar Posters- $4 only (digital copy only)


Concert poster- $4 only (digital copy only)


Campaign banner- $4 only (digital copy )


Website header-$4 only


Website banner- $4 only


Website advertisement- $4 only (digital copy only)

Contact me: Sulad Jhun Cardeinte at mienfield@yahoo.com