Jesus' Instructions for the First Mission Trip of His Disciples

Our professor, Gorden Doss shares in his book, "Introduction to Adventist Mission," that in Matthew 10, Jesus sent the Twelve out on their first missionary journey without him. He said that Jesus’ instructions included the following, all of which are highly relevant today:


1.   The Twelve were to heal the sick and cast out demons (10:1). These "power ministries" would later become normative in the NT church.


My reflection: Jesus empowered His disciples with authority to perform miraculous acts, indicating the importance of demonstrating God's power in their mission endeavors.


So, how can you actively demonstrate God's power through your ministry, as Jesus empowered His disciples to heal the sick and cast out demons?



2. They were to plan their mission strategically, adapting their approaches for various people groups, like Israelites, Samaritans, and Gentiles ( verse 5).


My reflection: Just as Jesus instructed His disciples to adapt their approaches for different people groups, modern missionaries need to be culturally sensitive and contextualize their message for various contexts.


So, in what ways are you adapting your approach to different cultural contexts, as Jesus instructed His disciples to do with various people groups?






3.   They were to adjust strategy to varying levels of spiritual receptivity (verses 12-14).


My reflection: Jesus taught His disciples to be flexible in their strategies, recognizing that receptivity to the Gospel may vary among different audiences.


So, how do you navigate challenges and remain flexible in your ministry strategies, following Jesus' example of adapting to varying levels of spiritual receptivity?




4. They were to use the very best diplomacy and wisdom to stay out of trouble with the authorities, for the sake of their mission (verse 16).


My reflection: Like Jesus advised His disciples to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, missionaries today need to navigate challenges with wisdom, avoiding unnecessary conflict while remaining faithful to their mission.


So, what steps do you take to navigate challenges with wisdom and diplomacy, while remaining faithful to your mission objectives?




5.   If prosecuted or imprisoned they were to depend on the Holy Spirit for the right words to speak (verse 20).


My reflection: The disciples were instructed to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom, highlighting the crucial role of the Spirit in empowering and guiding missionaries today.


So, how are you cultivating a deep dependence on the Holy Spirit for guidance and empowerment in your missionary endeavors?




6.  They were to assume that being Christ's disciples would cause them to receive the same opposition Jesus received (verse 25).


My reflection: Just as Jesus warned His disciples of the opposition they would face, missionaries should anticipate resistance and persecution in their mission work.


So, are you prepared for opposition and persecution in your mission work, and how do you respond to such challenges?




7.  When suffering as missionaries, the Twelve were to feel constant assurance of God's care because he knew the smallest details of their situations (verses 28-31).


My reflection: Despite the challenges they would encounter, Jesus assured His disciples of God's care and provision, reminding them of His sovereignty over every aspect of their lives.


So, how do you maintain a sense of God's care and provision amidst the difficulties and uncertainties of missionary life?


8.  Being missionaries required them to be willing to surrender loved ones, family, and even life itself for the sake of Christ.


My reflection: Missionary work often requires sacrificing personal comfort, relationships, and even one's life for the sake of the Gospel, echoing Jesus' call for radical discipleship.


So, in what ways are you sacrificially committed to your mission, willing to surrender personal comfort and relationships for the sake of the Gospel?


9.  The mission of the Twelve was actually the on-going mission of Jesus Christ and of God the Father (verse 40)


My reflection: The mission entrusted to the Twelve was part of the larger mission of Jesus and God the Father, emphasizing the continuity of God's redemptive work through His followers.


So, how do you view your mission as part of the larger mission of Jesus and God the Father, and how does this perspective shape your approach to ministry?


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