How Do We Fight Our Feeling or Emotion?

"The Crown Princess" is a story about Princess Alice from a fictional European country who becomes queen and faces danger. To stay safe, she goes to Thailand, where a navy officer named Captain Davin becomes her protector. Princess Alice deals with family and country problems, and someone wants to assassinate her. She gets help from the Thai Army, and Captain Davin becomes her hero. Alice is serious and responsible princess due to her upbringing, while Captain Davin, her bodyguard, supports her. As they spend time together, Princess Alice and Captain Davin grow close. She developed feelings for Captain Davin.

Princess Alice loves her country deeply and is willing to do anything for it, but she also struggles with her own emotions and pressures. She falls in love with Captain Davin. Towards the end, the story shows that Princess Alice, despite her strength and sense of duty, she has her strong human feelings. She decides to follow her heart by giving up her crown and her royal duty to be with Captain Davin. This choice tells us that her personal feelings outweighed her dedication to her country.



Humanly speaking, feeling is always stronger than reason. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, our human feelings and emotions can sway us. Just as Princess Alice choose her feelings over her royal duty, in life, without the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be led by our feelings and emotions. Choosing reason over emotion is impossible without the supernatural power of Holy Spirit. Friends, do you want to follow your reason over your emotion? Do you want to avoid making decisions based on emotions or impulses? Friends, you need the Holy Spirit. We all need the Holy Spirit to help us- to empower us. The Holy Spirit wants to help everyone of us. Whether you are a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or animist. The Holy Spirit is always ready to help you. Try Him…. The Holy Spirit wants to help you…He wants to help all of us. He is always ready to help you and me in times of need.


Many people don’t know that the Holy Spirit is the highest of all gifts that God gives to humanity. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit is the only solution to all the problems we face in life. The Holy Spirit brings us healing and the power to overcome our human weaknesses. The Holy Spirit help us to become stronger when we are weak. We will encounter hardships in our lives, but we know that when the Holy Spirit lives in us, He can strengthen us, so that we can stand firm and face difficult challenges with courage.

Sulad Jhun Cardeinte, by the grace of God, writes from Thailand.

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